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Beijing Reinforces Review on the Energy Conservation in Data Centers

Updated:2021/7/30 11:07

Driven by a new generation of information technology and influenced by new infrastructure, digital economy as well as other national policies, data centers in China have got a rapid growth in scale.

According to the “Research Report of China’s Internet Data Center Industry from 2019 to 2020”, the IDC market of China was valued at RMB 156.25 billion in 2019 with a year-on-year growth of 27.2%, and it is forecast to continue to increase at a similar rate in 2020~2022. In the meanwhile, power consumption in data centers is also growing fast.

On July 27, Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform issued the “Notice of Publishing the Provisions on Further Strengthening Energy Conservation Review in Data Centers”. According to the “Notice”, Beijing will reinforce review on the energy conservation in data centers within the city, with the annual energy consumption taken as reference. Besides, the PUE standards for newly built and expanded data centers were set; and for those centers exceeding the PUE of 1.4, State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company will charge a differential electricity price per month.

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