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Beijing to Advance the Deployment of Emerging Technologies Such as 6G and Quantum Communications

Updated:2020/11/30 14:55

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology recently released the "Beijing’s Blueprint for Smart City Development during the ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ Period (Exposure Draft)", proposing the development target of "by 2025, constructing Beijing to be a benchmark for the new pattern of smart city globally".

According to the "Exposure Draft", Beijing will continue to expand the scale of 5G network construction, actively promote the construction of gigabit broadband access networks, accelerate the deployment of IPv6-based next-generation Internet, and launch the Winter Olympics (Beijing competition area), the optical cable construction in urban sub-centers and other key areas; promote the construction of the Beijing artificial intelligence ultra-high-speed computing center and the world's leading green data center, and provide the city with inclusive and common AI computing power support services.

The "Exposure Draft" also mentioned the plan to advance the deployment of cutting-edge technologies such as 6G, quantum communication, and brain science, and carry out demonstration applications of typical scenarios such as 5G ultra-high-definition video live broadcast, automatic driving, and automated logistics, so as to comprehensively enhance the technological innovation capabilities of the digital economy.

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