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MIIT: Three Carriers' Total Number of Mobile Phone Subscribers reached 1.59 Billion

Updated:2019/7/27 13:45

MIIT data show that till the end of June, three primary telecom carriers' mobile phone subscribers totaled 1.59 billion, up 5% year on year but 3.53 million lower than the end of the prior month. 4G subscribers totaled 1.23 billion, accounting for 77.6% of the total and 3.2% higher than the end of the prior year.

In the first half of the year, China's telecom business income (CNY 672.1 billion) was flat with the prior year (down 0.03% year on year). The three primary telecom carriers earned CNY 212.5 billion in total from the fixed communication business, rising 9.8% year on year and accounting for 31.6% in the total telecom business income; they earned CNY 459.6 billion in total from the mobile communication business, declining 4% year on year and accounting for 68.4% of the total telecom business income.

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