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MIIT: Will Launch Upstream Rate Standards in the First Half of 2018

Updated:2018/4/27 15:54

Wen Ku, director of development department of MIIT, said that MIIT will firmly implement the relevant decisions on "improving the speed and cutting down the tariff" program.

In terms of home broadband, the operators will continue providing tariff packages with concessions, in particular, they will improve the network speed without extra charging and promote popularization of fixed integration packages.

The broadband for small and medium-sized enterprises, the prices of dedicated lines will be further reduced, an expected drop from10% to 15% will be achieved this year. In order to support public entrepreneurship and innovation, more specialized products will be provided this year.

In terms of network speed, MIIT hopes over half of home broadband users can get access to above 100Mbps broadband this year. At3 the same time, for the concerned problem on upstream rate, MIIT will launch the upstream rate standard in the first half of 2018.

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