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MIIT Issued Basic Telecommunications Business License to China Satellite Communications

Updated:2018/3/13 17:21

On May 23rd 2008, the reorganization plan of domestic operators was officially announced. China Unicom’s CDMA network and GSM network were split, the former was merged into China Telecom to build a new China Telecom, China Unicom merged China Netcom and set up the new China Unicom; China Tietong Telecom was incorporated into China Mobile and became its wholly-owned subsidiary, while the basic telecommunications business of China Satellite Communications was incorporated into China Telecom.

Ten years after the reform, China Satellite Communications obtained the license for basic telecommunications business again .

According to official news from the MIIT, in order to implement the ‘Internet power’ strategy, accelerate the development of satellite communications industry and promote market competition and healthy development of telecommunications business market, MIIT reviewed China Satellite Communications’ application and issued the basic telecommunications business license to it on March 7th 2018, approving it to carry out satellite mobile communications business and provide satellite fixed communications services in China.

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