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China Unicom constructs public cloud platform Wo Cloud

Updated:2016/5/23 16:32

The 8th China Cloud Computing Conference was held on May 18th. Jiao Gang, general manager of China Unicom Cloud Data Co. Ltd., said at the Conference that China Unicom provides public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and public products with the cloud-network-integrated platform.

In terms of public cloud, China Unicom offers mainstream IT products including host, storage, load balancing and other products.

In the aspect of private cloud and hybrid cloud, with the VPC technology of virtual private cloud, China Unicom has supplied cloud solutions for government affairs, agriculture, education, health care, environmental protection and others to governments and enterprises.

In order to achieve multi-service capabilities, China Unicom creates a safe and controllable public cloud platform Wo Cloud with independent R&D capabilities. Wo Cloud has covered seven major areas, 37 key cities and lots of integrated services distributing nodes with 30 resource pools nationwide and supported 150 functions.

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