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Aliyuns revenue increased by 128% in Q3

Updated:2015/10/30 13:23

Alibaba Group released its financial statement of 3Q15 on 27th October. The statement shows that Aliyun’s revenue reached CNY 649 million in this quarter, which increased 128% than the same period of last year and also exceeded the growth rates of Amazon and Microsoft's cloud computing business, becoming the cloud computing services provider with the fastest growing speed in the world.

As China's largest cloud computing services provider, Aliyun made excellent performances in the 3Q15 financial statement and the 128% growth rate also made it the fastest growing cloud computing platform in the world. In 3Q15, the growth rate of Amazon AWS was 78% and it was 81% in 2Q15. At the end of September, Microsoft said that it would adjust the financial statement structure and add the cloud services including Azure into its financial statement, therefore the cloud computing business has become the focus of its result teleconference.

Alibaba's financial statement shows that Aliyun’s rapid growth was due to the increase of enterprise customers, as well as the further diversified cloud computing and big data products that it provides.

The 128% growth rate again made Aliyun the fastest growing business of Alibaba Group. Not long ago, in the open letter that Ma Yun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group, sent to the investors in the annual report, he said cloud computing was one of the core strategies of Alibaba for the next ten years, it would spare no efforts to invest in the development of data technology and make data and computing capacity become the basis of economy.

In addition, Aliyun also made frequent moves in the international markets in this year, the financial statement especially mentioned that it opened Singapore data center in September to expand its international market impact. At present, Aliyun has deployed 9 data centers in the global, including in the Silicon Valley of US, Hongkong and Singapore, in the future, it will also open new data centers in Europe, Middle East and so on.

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