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Become the “Able Man” of Cloud End Integration: Run! SST

Updated:2015/10/29 15:51

From hotly discussed concept to gradual landing in real practice, today cloud computing is considered the basic platform of “Internet+”. Some industry insiders even point out that cloud service will be the next trillion grade market. Government and traditional industries such as finance are all actively embracing cloud computing, making it indisputably the new blue ocean.

All these are closely followed by changes in users’ focal points and needs. The impact brought by cloud computing to ICT market not merely stays at technology and product level, instead it represents the emergence of a new business model. Traditional vendors gradually evolve to become service providers, instead of selling equipment, selling hardware and software in the past, they move toward selling services and selling resources. Cloud tendency and service tendency have become irresistible trends in the informatization industry.

In this cloud end reform, unwilling to trail behind others, players such as traditional IT manufacturers, IDC service providers, and Internet giants already have entered the field. In the CT market, transition from traditional CT to IT has also picked up speed. On July 30, Huawei formally announced public cloud service, aiming to become China’s biggest supplier of public cloud services and solutions.

In the carrier sector, telecom value-added service providers like SST are expected to become new cloud end “Able Man” by relying on its unique cross-sector positioning.

Putting IT and network into package as a kind of need-based service

In the past several years, SST progressively developed from WAN, its traditional advantageous business, to mobile management and unified telecommunication etc based on cloud computing platform, and provide users with integrated one-stop ICT service through closer cooperation with industry partners.

Up till July 2015, SST business has covered 158 cities across China in 32 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, and Hong Kong SAR. WAN business is SST’s traditional pillar. Cloud computing, unified telecommunication, and mobile management become SST’s three new main business forces.

SST is now dedicated to integrating traditional business and new business into one package, by adopting the form of IT infrastructure service, supply it to users based on needs, so that users are able to construct and deploy IT and network resources in more flexible ways to achieve smooth migration to cloud end.

It is worth mentioning that last year SST formally began to offer users cloud data center services from basic IaaS to custom-made SaaS service. Since the introduction of this business, it maintained rapid growth. In the second half of this year, SST will make renewed efforts to upgrade and optimize services of the cloud data center, in order to satisfy more comprehensive user needs.

Integration of industry resources, occupy the height in cloud end

For SST, long years of experience accumulation in services for world top 500 large corporate users enables it to develop an extremely professional service team and penetrating industry insight, it is capable of covering the needs of different groups from large users to SME enterprises. This is SST’s main backup force for galloping in the cloud end.

Nevertheless, unlike general mass-oriented market, corporate-level market has complicated and diversified needs, in order to gain a foothold in the market, it is required to rely on resource integration, including self-owned resources and partners’ resources. As far as corporate users in traditional industries are concerned, resource integration ability of service providers is a more important criterion of assessment than cost, service, and brand factors.

By relying on its own in-depth understanding of the industry, SST is joining force with local partners to continually introduce innovative products and services by departing from user needs, aiming to satisfy industry users’ special needs for informatization construction and actual application.

It has been learned that, SST has unfolded in-depth cooperation with solution providers in retail and manufacture industries, by integrating industry application onto SST cloud platform and network resources, it provides users with custom-made one-stop services based on needs. In the future, such cooperation will continually develop in depth. SST boasts telecom carrier background, plus strong resource integration ability, whereas the tie between suppliers with massive resources of traditional industries such as ISV (independent software vendor) and SI (system integrator), small to medium sized service providers, software outsourcing, and SST will completely shatter the traditional IT service model.

In the process of active evolution toward “cloud trend” and “service trend“, SST has joined hands with partners to march toward cloud end together with users, SST is building a brand-new eco-system to bring customer service experience to a new realm.

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