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China Telecom E-surfing Hybrid Cloud will provide services in November

Updated:2014/11/3 09:25

The E-surfing Hybrid Cloud that China Telecom and VMware jointly issued in July will provide services for early customers in November of this year. CEO of VMware Pat Gelsinger disclosed this news in vForum 2014. Allegedly, the E-surfing Hybrid Cloud will formally provide services in January of the next year.

As we have learnt, in the initial operation stage, China Telecom Cloud Computing Company will mainly focus on large and medium-sized enterprises, government and other high-end customers, such as finance, energy, transportation, insurance, medical care and education markets, the provided hybrid cloud services include infrastructure as a service and disaster tolerance services.

Gelsinger also announced that VMware will establish an Asia Research Institute in China, which will invest more than USD 1 billion in the next 5 years for the technology development and innovation of China market. As VMware has already set up China Research Institute, this means that VMware has got two R&D centers in China. Gelsinger said that the growth rate of VMware business exceeded 17% in global market in the past 5 years, while it maintained an over 20% growth rate in China markets, the importance of virtualization technology is more than evident in cloud computing and big data fields.

With the intensified promotion of domestic operating system, VMware Asia Research Institute will develop virtual desktop based on Linux. Allegedly, this is a project carried out according to the latest requirements of China Linux alliance. At present, all the domestic operating systems are developed based on the open source Linux operating system, with the Linux virtual desktop technology, enterprise employees can have a more secure virtual work space. Users can get access to the Linux desktop safely outside the office by mobile devices.

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