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China Unicom Hastens Data Center Construction

Updated:2017/6/16 15:36

The 9th China Cloud Computing Conference was held on June 14.

China Unicom has been building the Wo cloud data center and improving the resource pool capacity, Jiao Gang, general manager of China Unicom Cloud Data Co. Ltd. said at the Conference.

By far, China Unicom has planned and arranged 12 ultra large cloud data centers covering 196 cities, consisting of 335 city data centers, a total of over 2 million square meters with more than 320,000 rack shelves, international bandwidth of 60T and PUE below 1.5.

Relying on the infrastructure, China Unicom has built the cloud computing resource pools with total bandwidth larger than 240G, covering 31 provinces of China. All the resource pools go through the DCI network and SDN/NFV intelligent network architecture. What's more, China Unicom has deployed CDN edge nodes in all the prefecture-level cities in China, sending service and content nodes to the nearest place away from the users.

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