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China Mobile Applies SD-WAN to Industrial Internet: Reducing Operation&Maintenance Cost

Updated:2018/2/8 16:28

At the Industrial Internet Summit 2018 held on February 2, Yang Tianle, head of industrial Internet department of China Mobile Government and Enterprise branch, said that China Mobile focused on application of SD-WAN technology in industrial Internet.

At present, China Mobile has built Internet of things to carry industry applications, through the SD-WAN technology, it only needs a hardware box at the export of enterprises network or cloud-enabled software to achieve functions including firewall, probe, DPI, DDOS and others.

According to Yang’s introduction, three functions could be realized by adopting SD-WAN in outer industrial Internet, first, minute-level VPN interconnections could be achieved and transmission security is guaranteed; Second, it supports heterogeneous networks in building a virtual private network of the enterprise with functions of firewall and DDOS, it also supports remote upgrade and could distinguish different types of connections to realize fine operations; Third, it supports integration of cloud and network, building a VDC with combined private cloud and public cloud through SD-WAN. 80% configuration work can be reduced in this process.

Taking the medical industry for example, Yang introduced the solution that China Mobile offered to a multinational medical equipment provider. There are two major problems in this company, the first is that every medical device needs to be connected to the enterprise's global data center by IDC and VPN; the other is the problem of massive operation & maintenance and installation. China Mobile built a virtual private network by SD-WAN to achieve the goal, in addition, it realized one-touch connection of 3,000 device nodes to the VPN with almost zero cost. In the case of a large engine factory, it replaced a series of security devices with China Mobile's SD-WAN gateway and saved a lot of budget. In addition, the private cloud and public cloud were integrated through the solution provided by China Mobile.

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