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Users of Chunghwa Telecom AI Housekeeper Exceeded 10,000

Updated:2018/1/16 16:32

Chunghwa Telecom eHome has been used in over 10,000 homes, users could order the takeout, call the taxi, call the elevator, control the appliances, lights and curtains through virtual voice assistant and other AI functions.

Recently, Chunghwa Telecom worked together with Farglory Land Development, Panasonic and Taiwan Taxi in cross-industry cooperation through Internet of things and cloud computing, it integrates the smart service cloud, smart appliances and AI smart housekeeper in building a new community, which not only makes the home smarter, but also combines the industrial ecosystem of smart home.

Chunghwa Telecom has developed eHome for several years, it is adopted in multiple plans of large construction builders, the general manager of Chunghwa Telecom Xie Jimao said, the coming 5G will be the most important infrastructure of smart home and IoT, many emerging industries will further flourish, such as AI, Internet of Vehicles, mobile payment, smart lighting and other new services. He emphasized that Chunghwa Telecom will continue to develop smart application services, which is expected to achieve explosive growth in five years.

The Chunghwa Telecom eHome used in Farglory Home 2.0 further evolved in the smart home functions, in addition to the cross-industry cooperation, improving smart home from the previous hardware to integrated software services, it also promotes the development of local IoT industry, through the integration of eHome and Panasonic under the TaiSEIA 101 made by Taiwan Association of Energy Service Companies, it can improve the interactive efficiency among the home applications by general communication standards.

Chunghwa Telecom says, eHome is expected to drive the development of local IoT industry, the smart housekeeper can understand Chinese and the users can easily control the applications and make arrangement once.

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