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China Unicom Xiongan branch Completed Multiple NB-IoT Based Business Application Demonstration

Updated:2017/11/10 17:22

China Unicom Xiong'an New Area branch recently completed multiple IoT application demonstrations using mature 900M NB-IoT technology and network, including intelligent parking and smart poles.

NB-IoT is a new generation mobile IoT technology, it has wide coverage, low power consumption, big connection, low cost and other advantages, which can solve the problems in traditional parking including large quantities in acquisition of real-time parking space information, long construction period, difficult in digitization of city-level parking spaces and others, making it the development trend of intelligent parking in the future. Based on the 900M NB-IoT network and cloud management platform, China Unicom Xiong'an branch company achieved intelligent parking business demonstration in App model in its office area, the Huiyou shopping mall and other places. In the next stage, China Unicom Xiong'an branch plans to carry out in-depth cooperation with third parties and realize commercialization of intelligent parking.

In the main street Aowei Road of Rongcheng County in Xiong'an New Area, the NB-IoT based smart poles are centrally controlled by IoT wireless networking technology, which achieves adjusting of lights and on-demand lighting, the first batch of 40 lights have been installed. The wireless control device could reach to every streetlight in this distinct and realize real-time detection and monitoring of the lights with the control center, by adopting the latest energy-saving lighting technology, the comprehensive street light electricity consumption could decline by around 72%, the maintenance cost could come down by 60% by saving manpower (inspection fees).

Targeting to become the leading domestic IoT operator, China Unicom will dedicatedly provide first-class network connection services, build a global intercommunication platform, carry out diversified cooperation and realize the transformation to industry aggregator and application service provider. In the next stage, China Unicom Xiong'an will achieve seamless coverage of the three counties in Xiong'an New Area by adopting mature 900M NB-IoT technology, fully meeting the application demands including intelligent parking, smart poles, smart construction site, smart manhole cover, intelligent agriculture, intelligent environment protection, industrial control and others.


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