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China Unicom to Set up Professional Big Data Corporation

Updated:2017/5/18 11:16

Jiang Zhengxin, deputy general manager of China Unicom, noted recently that the group will found a professional big data corporation on the basis of big data centers and SmartSteps.

China Unicom has kept raising the investment in infrastructure and built 12 national data centers, 31 provincial data centers and over 300 local network data centers in accordance with the "M+1+N" planning in China.

In addition, the company has independently researched and developed Wo Cloud and constructed a national Internet of Things platform, creating a good environment for the collection, aggregation, integration, storage, processing and application of big data.

Under the partnership, the company, according to Mr. Jiang, will let big data be at play in the industry build big data open platforms, making it convenient for enterprises, especially SMEs, to develop big data applications, and continue to develop more product applications based on the original wind control, precision marketing, user tags and other products.

Mr. Jiang also stated China Unicom attaches great importance to data security and protection of customer privacy, for which it has established a sound big data security management system and will keep optimizing it.

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