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Union Street launches VoIP enhanced aBILLity 2.0

Updated:2011/8/1 14:27

Union Street Technologies, the supplier of comms billing solutions, has announced the introduction of version 2.0 of its aBILLity billing platform for communication providers (CPs). The new version is the culmination of a massive development effort over many months and it offers aBILLity clients some significant enhancements.

Steve Cresswell, Technical Director of Union Street stated, “We wanted to create a new look and feel for the product that retains the much loved user friendliness of the existing system; so version 2.0 is really an evolution of the product retaining all existing functionally and adding some major new benefits.” He added, “We see version 2.0 as the start of an exciting phase of development for Union Street. Over the next few months we will see a number of updates that will deliver an innovative and progressive product roadmap. In particular, we are putting a major focus on mobile asset management”

Most importantly the new version will automate much of the billing process which should see a big efficiency saving for the typical billing manager. “We hope billing managers will need to spend less time on data processing and more time on revenue assurance” said Cresswell. aBILLity already offers a powerful range of revenue assurance tools to help CPs maximise margins and control costs.

A new streamlined licensing mechanism replaces the need for monthly license keys, making aBILLity easier to maintain for CPs. aBILLity 2.0 has a new look ‘front end’ with a redesigned front screen and dashboard, improving the look and feel whilst maintaining the user experience to be consistent with previous versions.

aBILLity 2.0 can be supplied under license on a CP’s own hardware or as a completely hosted SAAS solution, with remote access, if preferred by the client.

Cresswell concluded, “A massive 35 per cent of aBILLity's revenue is ploughed back into R&D to keep the product ahead of its competitors and enable it to adapt to market changes with the introduction of new services, such as the growth in VoIP and SIP trunks. We will be rolling out deployment of aBILLity 2.0 to our growing client base over the coming months. aBILLity is always ahead of the curve!”

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