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MIIT regulates pre-installation and distribution of APPs

Updated:2015/12/8 10:00

Looking at dazzling APPs on the phone screen, many of you feel this way that you can’t uninstall or remove them and sometimes they are unbidden; what’s even worse is that you have no choice but ROOT when face this situation. However, some mobile phones won’t be covered under warranty after ROOT.

The consumers’ expectation and appeal attract the government department.Recently, MIIT said in an statement on its official website that it started seeking public opinions about Temporary Regulations of Pre-installation and Distribution Management of Mobile Smart Device Application (APP) (hereinafter referred to as the Temporary Regulations), regulating the pre-installation and distribution market of mobile APPs.

MIIT claimed in the Temporary Regulations that mobile vendors and relevant Internet information service providers shouldn’t invoke any device function which is irrelevant to their service or force to bundle or promote irrelevant APPs; they shouldn’t carry out the acts which infringe upon subscribers’ lawful rights and interests or damage the security of the Internet, including collecting or using the subscribers’ personal information, forcing to open APP, sending commercial electronic information illegally without apparent authority and subscriber’s approval.

The Temporary Regulations also emphasizes particularly that mobile vendors and relevant Internet information service providers should make sure that mobile smart device Apps which are not providing the fundamental functions can be uninstalled, and the resource files, configuration files and user data files which are attached to the uninstallable APPs can be uninstalled and deleted conveniently; meanwhile, they should ensure that the uninstalled APPs with pre-installation won’t be restored forcedly when mobile smart device operating system is being updated.

Some insiders note that a lot of APPs can’t be uninstalled and there is a strong interest relationship that exists with the forced installation. As we all know, the current price of mobile phone has been kept very low and the way of moneymaking for mobile vendors is changed from being the hardware company which sells products originally to being the Internet company which sells subscribers’ information. For a famous vendor, it may not earn much money through selling one mobile phone, but pre-installed APPs in each mobile phone can bring it huge earnings which may exceed the profit of hardware products.

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