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Symantec was banned because of the secret back doors and high-risk vulnerabilities

Updated:2014/7/7 10:57

Recently, a notice dated as the Bureau of Technology and Information of Ministry of Public Security of P.R.C was uploaded on the internet. According to the notice, because there are secret back doors and high-risk vulnerabilities existing in the Symantec DLP products, the public security units are checking for the service condition of Symantec DLP, anti-virus and other security products.

At the same time, the notice ordered the public security units not to purchase this product. Any governments with the services of the relevant products shall stop the services immediately on receiving this notice, and make a timetable to replace them with the domestic software as soon as possible.

In late May, the State Internet Information Office announced the internet information security review system. All the information technology products and services used in the systems related with the national security and public interests should undergo this security review. Previously it was ordered that Windows 8 operating system of Microsoft was banned in the government procurement.

As a response to this event, Symantec said in a statement, there was no rumored "back doors" in the Symantec products, and it would cooperate and communicate with the relevant departments voluntarily, and discuss or carry out further tests about the technical details of the products.

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