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Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Full Release: Universal Access to Broadband

Updated:2011/3/17 14:53

The full text "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" which about China's economic and social development was released today. In the outline, for the development of information and communication industries in next five years, outline proposed to build the next generation of information infrastructure, to accelerate economic and social informationization, to enhance network and information security, to foster high-tech services and to develop the strategic new industries.

The outline also proposed to comprehensively improve the level of information, to accelerate the construction of broadband, convergence, security and ubiquitous next-generation national information infrastructure, and promote the deep integration of informationization and industrialization.

China will coordinate the layout of the new generation mobile communication network, next generation Internet, digital radio and television networks, satellite communications and other facilities to form the ultra-high speed, large capacity, highly intelligent national trunk transmission network.

To guide the construction of broadband wireless city, to promote fiber to the home in urban areas and speed up the construction of broadband networks in rural areas, and to improve broadband penetration and access bandwidth; To promote the key technology development of Internet of Things and its demonstration in key areas, to enhance cloud services platform construction. (by Nye Sha)

Read the News in Chinese:

十二五规划纲要全文发布 提出宽带全面普及目标

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