Xingji Technology to Launch the Worlds First Consumer-grade Mobile Phone Directly Connected to LEO

Updated:2022/9/7 13:50

According to an article published on the WeChat official account of Hubei Xingji Technology Co., Ltd., the company will launch the world’s first consumer-grade mobile phone that is directly connected to LEO satellites.

According to Wang Yong, the CEO of Xingji Technology, the product would realize global coverage and multi-terminal interconnection with 5G, LEO satellite communication, and NFC technology, which would help users “never lose communication”. With LEO satellites, Xingji full-scenario services would be assured of space-earth integrated communication channels with wide coverage, rapid speed, stability, and low latency.

Wang Yong also disclosed that many products are still in the R&D stage, and will be launched in the next year.

Xingji Technology was founded by Li Shufu, chairman of Geely. On July 4, 2022, Xingji Technology invested in Meizu Technology as part of its strategy, officially announcing that it holds 79.09% of the shares and obtains sole control of Meizu Technology.

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