Around 36 Million Domain Names Registered in China

Updated:2022/6/23 14:47

Lately, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) published a Quarterly Report on Internet Domain Name Industry (2022Q1). According to the Report, 356 million domain names were registered worldwide with a QoQ uptick of 1.4% till December 2021; and China alone saw a 6.3% increase in the number of registered domain names to 36 million or so in the corresponding period.

Statistics show that China's users frequently accessed 51.896 million domain names, predominantly such top-level domains as ".COM", ".CN", and ".NET". China Telecom provides access points for nearly 60% of active domain names nationwide. Business access via Internet service providers (ISP) and Internet data centers (IDC) remains mainstream, along with an ongoing surge in the number of domain names accessed via Internet resource collaboration service providers and content distribution networks (CDN).

The Report adds that the root mirror extension is a globally prevalent approach to enhancing the performance of domain name systems. A total of 1,523 root servers and mirrors thereof around the world cover approximately 160 states/regions worldwide.

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