Chu Qing, Ziguang Zhanrui CEO: "The Chip Industry Should Not Seek Quick Money."

Updated:2019/5/8 21:27

Recently, Chu Qing, the CEO of Ziguang Zhanrui, made his first appearance in front of the media after taking office. He expressed that China was once short of everything, but after five years' of governmental guidance and investment, the Chinese chip industry does not lack the capital nor the talents, the only thing that may be lacking is technology.

Chu Qing believes that investing in the chip industry requires patience and the motive for profits cannot be too strong. In other words, capital should not expect immediate profits. On the one hand, mature chip companies are extremely rare and precious.  Taking Ziguang Zhanrui as an example, the company has an 18-year-old history as well as a team of 4600 employees, including around 4000 R&D (Research and Development) employees accounting for nearly 90% of the total. On the other hand, although the amount of investment in the chip industry is large, if all the investments are “hot money” that carry the expectation of “investing today and profiting tomorrow”, it will not help the development of the industry.

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