The Second Official Commercial Licences for Virtual Operators Probably Will Be Issued Next Month

Updated:2018/7/24 11:01

MIIT issued the official commercial licence of mobile resale for the first virtual operators.However, at present, 42 enterprises have launched mobile resale services;and some have signed a formal commercial contract with the three major operators, but have not yet obtained a formal licence.

The issuance of the first batch of commercial licences does not mean not issuing licences for other enterprises in the future. The first batch of licences only signify the start of official commercial mobile resale, whereafter, MIIT will issue a formal licence in accordance with performances of virtual operators, the market and so on.

According to the source, the second batch of licences will be issued within one or two months. And after the second batch of licences are issued, MIIT will also issue the third batch of licences.


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