Accelink Technologies: Deliveries Affected by Electronic Chip Shortages

Updated:2022/4/20 13:41

Recently, Accelink Technologies, the optical device manufacturer, held an investor relations event to discuss the topics of interest and answer the questions of many investors.

With respect to the most critical issue of chip supply, according to Mao Hao, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Accelink, the supply of optical chips and the prices are relatively stable, without receiving much impact from the epidemic. The supply of electric chips, on the other hand, shows substantial fluctuations in a small part affected by the production capacity of the industry as a whole. Overall, the proportion of electronic chips is not high in the Accelink business. In addition, to be prepared against want, Accelink stocked up last year and the year before last. Despite the rise in the average price on the electronic chip market, its impact on the overall gross profit is very limited.

The universal shortage of electronic chips this year is surely a big problem for deliveries. Accelink’s shipment volume in the first half of this year may be larger without the material constraint.

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