Chinese Phone Brands to Cut Orders

Updated:2020/4/16 22:30

Industry insiders say that global top phone brands are poised for large-scale order cuts. Samsung had 30%-50% cut orders in May reached, and Apple also had over 25% cut orders. By June, domestic phone brands have caught up, among which OPPO and VIVO cut 30%-40% orders.

In addition, Huawei and Xiaomi had 20%-30% cut orders, with Xiaomi taking the lead. Some insiders point out that Huawei and Xiaomi may have cut orders by far more than 20%. Taking Huawei as an example, mainstream devices such as Huawei P40 have been reduced from the 25 million earlier to 20 million, and recently to 15 million, reaching a 40% order cut rate.

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