The Sales of Semiconductors Will Reach US$ 62.7 Billion in 2018 to Create a New Record

Updated:2018/7/18 13:56

Recently, SMEI has published its 2018 semiannual forecast report. The report predicts that the total sales of semiconductors in 2018 will reach US$ 62.7 billion to create a new record with a year-on-year growth of 10.8%. The sales of semiconductor devices in 2017 worldwide was US$ 56.6 billion.

The report also forecasted that the sales will gain another 7.7% increase by the year 2019, reaching US$ 67.6 billion.

From the market point of view, South Korea ranks the first and is followed by Mainland China in the second, and Taiwan in the third. SEMI also forecasted that the Chinese mainland market will experience a growth of 46.6% in 2019, raising its value to US$ 17.3 billion to take the first place, pushing South Korea over to the second at US$ 16.2 billion, and followed by Taiwan at US$ 12.3 billion.

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