Shipments of Xiaomi Mobile Phone Exceeded Ten Million in October

Updated:2017/11/2 14:03

Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, said in his Weibo that ?Xiaomi mobile phone shipments exceeded 10 million in October".

This means that since the ‘over ten million mobile phone shipments record’ in September, Xiaomi shipments exceeded ten million again in October.

There is a phenomenon in mobile phone industry that the declined shipments can hardly go up again. Lei Jun said previously in the Xiaomi mobile phone business Kick Off, ?in the world, there is barely no mobile phone vendor can reverse its shipments after sales decline, but Xiaomi is an exception!"

Analysts believe that Xiaomi devices are widely recognized by customers, which lays the foundation for its continuous over ten million monthly shipments. All the facts including 23.16 million mobile phone shipments in Q2 or the ‘over ten million shipments in September and October’, indicating that Xiaomi is reemerging.

Why is Xiaomi? Lei Jun believes it is innovation. "Xiaomi?s secret is sparing no effort to make good products, to improve business efficiency, and there is no place of opportunism.

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