ZTE R&D Input in 2022 Reaches 21.6 Billion

Updated:2023/3/16 11:21

On March 10th, ZTE released its annual report for 2022, showing that its operation revenue reached CNY 122.95 billion, with a YOY growth of 7.36%; the net income attributable reached CNY 8.08 billion, with a YOY growth of 18.6%; the net income excluding extraordinary profit and loss reached CNY 6.17 billion with the YOY growth of 86.54%.

According to the financial report, the three main businesses of ZTE all achieved year-on-year growth last year, and the business of government and enterprise has the fastest growth. As the businesses in the first stage kept steadily growing, ZTE greatly expanded the businesses in the second stage such as IT, digital energy and terminal businesses. These businesses had got rapid growth rate, which exceeded 40%.

In terms of market, ZTE had achieved year-on-year growth in both the domestic and international markets. The operation revenue of the domestic market, which accounted for more than 69%, achieved a YOY growth of 9.2%. The international market, which accounted for more than 30% of the overall revenue, achieved a YOY of 3.44%.

The report showed that the R&D input of ZTE had reached CNY 21.6 billion in 2022, which accounted for 17.6% of the operation revenue.  Statistics showed that the R&D input in 2018 was CNY 10.9 billion, which had been a huge amount, and it still achieved double growth in five years.

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