ZTE Chairman Li Zixue: Embarking on a New Journey with Great Confidence and Enthusiasm

Updated:2018/12/28 08:59

Time flies. At this beautiful moment to bid farewell to the old year and ring in the new year, on behalf of the company, I would like to extend my most sincere greetings and heartfelt gratitude to all employees and their families for their persistent efforts and contributions to ZTE, and our global customers, partners, shareholders and people from all walks of life for their continuous support in the past year.

In 2018, ZTE encountered unprecedented difficulties and crises. Our business was suspended for three months, which greatly affected our operations and brand reputation. However, with our employees' strenuous efforts to overcome the challenges, ZTE's business has steadily recovered.

From a global perspective, we have witnessed a highly volatile international situation, and the company is confronting unprecedented challenges from trade disputes and market-entry barriers. However, over the past 40 years, China has gained a great leap of national strength since the initiation of the economic reform and opening-up policy. Under the deepening policy of expanding domestic demand and the innovation-oriented development strategy, the industry has a firm foundation and strong driving force for sustainable growth. Meanwhile, mobile data traffic demand is experiencing explosive growth, operators will continue to maintain large-scale investments in infrastructure network, the digital transformation of enterprises is accelerating, and the golden window for 5G investment is opening.

Therefore, we have re-defined the company's vision and mission: "To enable connectivity and trust everywhere," and "To connect the world with continuous innovation for a better future."

Driven by the new vision and mission, we will carry on our strategies in the three phases of recovery, growth, and expansion.

In 2019, we will focus on our mainstream business channels and steadfastly implement the strategies. In terms of markets, we will stick to the globalization strategy and focus on the most valuable markets and customers, and improve our operations in our existing markets. Meanwhile, we will firmly seize the earliest 5G network deployment opportunities, and steadily consolidate and optimize our markets. In terms of R&D, we will gather resources and make investments to ensure ZTE's product leadership in 5G. As for talent, compliance, and internal control, we will strengthen the talent structure, cultivation, retention, and team motivation, build a leading compliance system, and strengthen our internal control and implement strict inspection of violations for a cleaner internal environment.

Meanwhile, we will continuously consolidate the company's fundamental management to improve the overall operational efficiency. We will build a comprehensive management system in terms of health and safety, cyber security and information security, to achieve secure and efficient operation of the company. We will strictly control and prevent operational risks. We will deepen the penetration of management and empowerment of our affiliates and subsidiaries, and constantly safeguard and raise our investment values. We will continue to promote our brand image and enhance the external confidence in our company.

Success only comes through hard work.

It has not been easy for ZTE to make such great progress and achievements in the past 33 years. The accomplishments have been created and forged by all the wise and brave ZTErs. To achieve the strategic goals of ZTE, all of us shall work together with the spirit of being cooperative, innovative, transparent and professional. As a giant of the telecom industry, ZTE will continue surmounting difficulties and successfully forging ahead for a future full of hope!

I wish all of you and your family a happy New Year and good health!

December 28, 2018

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