China Tower Shanghai and Shanghai Electric Power Reached a strategic cooperation Agreement

Updated:2018/9/19 13:18

China Tower Shanghai and Shanghai Electric Power have reached a strategic cooperation agreement recently. The two sides will give full play to their respective resources, realize complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, promote the development of "shared economy", jointly improve the efficiency of social resource utilization, and realize the cross-border integration and co-construction with sharing of communication facilities and power facilities.

As general manager Zhang Yijun and deputy general manager Tao Haijun of China Tower Shanghai, Chairman Qian Chaoyang and general manager Zhang Junli of Shanghai Electric Power witnessed, deputy general manager Zhao Xingming of China Tower Shanghai and deputy general manager Xu Ayuan of Shanghai Electric Power signed the agreement.

According to the agreement, Shanghai Electric Power will support the China Tower Shanghai in building and maintaining communication base stations with qualified electric pole towers as basic resources, and provide convenience and guidance to China Tower Shanghai in site selection, power introduction and direct power supply and transformation. China Tower Shanghai will support Shanghai Electric Power to use its station site and communication infrastructure, and provide preferential and convenient conditions; when planning and constructing communication base stations, it will co-ordinate the needs of the communication industry and fully consider the communication and emergency response needs of Shanghai Electric Power; and provide relevant information on the operation status of electric pole towers for the sites where the pole towers have been shared. In addition, in the construction of overhead power lines, if the relocation of communication facilities is necessary, State Grid will be given strong support and preferential conditions.

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