CTRT Completes the First Domestically Produced 50G-PON Technology Validation

Updated:2024/5/11 15:39

In April, China Telecom Research Institute successfully completed the laboratory technical testing of domestically produced 50G-PON equipment from multiple mainstream domestic equipment manufacturers, with a focus on verifying uplink dual rate reception and multi service carrying capacity.

The 50G-PON technology is currently in the stage of small-scale application validation and is expected to be used commercially in the future. The domestic industry is currently addressing key technical and engineering issues such as upstream multi-rate reception, 32dB optical power budget, and miniaturization of 3-mode OLT optical modules, while actively promoting domestic production. In February of this year, China Telecom Research Institute proposed for the first time in ITU-T the capability of upstream convergence to 25G/50G dual-rate reception based on domestic 50G-PON industry development and application needs. This validation focused on verifying this capability and achieved the expected throughput and business stability. In addition, most devices achieved Class C+ level (32dB) for upstream optical power budget in asymmetric rate, laying the foundation for future 25G/50G dual-rate meeting Class C+ level. This validation also verified the support of 50G-PON for new business capabilities such as determinism.

The tested 50G-PON equipment in this validation is based on a brand new domestic hardware system, with an overall domestication rate of over 90%, and some manufacturers achieving 100%.

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