CBN Starts the Centralized Purchasing of 5G USIM Cards

Updated:2023/4/14 17:03

On April 10th, China Broadcast Network officially launched this year's centralized purchasing of 5G USIM cards.

With China Broadcast Mobile Network Co., Ltd. as the tenderee, this centralized purchasing mainly includes three types of USIM cards: regular USIM cards, MP1 cards and MS1 cards. The total purchasing quantity is 34 million, which is valid for one year. Bids from consortia and agents are excluded. The maximum unit price limit of regular USIM cards and MP1 cards is 1.85 yuan, with quantities of 18 million and 14 million respectively, and the maximum unit price limit of MS1 cards is 2.11 yuan, with a quantity of 2 million.

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