China Unicom Welcomes 3.271 Million 5G Plan Subscribers in Last December

Updated:2023/1/31 12:10

Lately, China Unicom announced key operational data for December 2022. Data suggest that the carrier's 5G plan subscribers came up to 213 million upon a surge of 3.271 million in the month.

For "ubiquitous connectivity", up to December 2022, China Unicom saw its "Great Connect" users cumulated at 861.744 million, including 212.727 million 5G plan subscribers and 385.54 million IoT device users, in contrast to 853.724 million "Great Connect" users, including 209.456 million 5G plan subscribers and 376.408 million IoT device users, registered a month earlier.

It is indicative of an MoM increase of 3.271 million and 9.132 million in 5G plan subscribers and IoT device users.

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