China Broadnetí»s 192-prefixed 5G Numbers Now Release for Commercial Use

Updated:2022/9/29 16:34

China Broadnet launched its 5G network services in Tibet and Qinghai on Sep 27th. So far, in 31 provinces and municipalities in China, except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China Broadnet’s 5G network services have been made available, followed closely by the official commercial release of 5G number beginning with 192.

China Broadnet’s official homepage reveals that the lowest 5G subscription package rate is CNY 23, a 40% off of the original price due to the promotion.

All in all, the 5G network service provider generally promotes two packages, i.e., the "Wonderful Package" and the "Wonderful 5G Package", with the former priced at CNY 38, CNY 58, or CNY 68, highlighting its affordability, practicality and cost-effectiveness. The latter, on the other hand, is marketed for its straightforwardness, quality and massive data plans, offering up to eight subscription options beginning with CNY 88, CNY 118, CNY 158, and CNY 188 on the lower end, as well as CNY 228, CNY 288, CNY 388 and CNY 588 at the higher.

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