CBN Releases Candidates for National Centralized Procurement of 5G Core Network

Updated:2021/12/21 14:45

On December 17, China Broadcasting Network Corporation Ltd released the results of winning candidates of “CBN Equipment Procurement Project for 5G Engineering Core Network and Network Cloud Resource Pool”. Based on a comprehensive evaluation, the joint venture of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technical Services Co., Ltd. ranked first, followed by ZTE Corporation. Both the companies meet the specified standards of quality.

The project was officially launched on November 25 and conducted the tender selection on December 16. As a centralized bidding project, the procurement content is equipment for accessing the core network and network cloud resource pool of 31 provinces in northern and southern regions. The maximum bid limit is set as RMB 1.158 billion (tax-exclusive) and one successful bidder is expected.

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