CBN Finishes the World's First Commercial Verification of 5G NR Broadcasting

Updated:2021/11/16 17:24

From November 8th to 10th, under the guidance of the Science & Technology Division of National Radio and Television Administration, CBN has completed the verification of new-type broadcasting services like in-field multi-view live broadcast, panoramic VR video live broadcast of “Meet in Beijing” test match in ice hockey stadium based on the new 5G NR technology to assist the construction of Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. As the first system capability verification of 5G NR broadcasting technology in a commercial scenario in the world, it's of great significance for the maturity of the industrial chain and the innovation in the whole scenario. 

The “Meet in Beijing” ice hockey test match is a series of activities of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and was held in Beijing Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center. By virtue of 5G NR broadcasting technology, live audiences can choose to watch live content of multi-camera and VR panoramas through phones, VR wearable devices as well as other 5G general-purpose terminals. Despite a large number of viewers, no video jams will happen. The technology achieves transmission of high-quality and high-bit-rate multimedia content in a large concurrent volume, solving the technical problems of traditional broadcasting and communication technology in high-rate application transmission on general mobile terminals in the crowded or high-concurrency scenarios, and thus providing strong technical support for broadcast service in VR/XR and other new multimedia formats to get innovation-driven development.

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