Tower Mounting Deployment of 700MHz 5G NR Base Station Groundbreakingly Realized in Shanghai

Updated:2021/8/17 10:41

According to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, on August 6, Shanghai basically completed the 5G NR large-scale broadcasting tower test station for the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which was the first in China to complete and have the test conditions. After completion, the 5G NR large-scale broadcast tower test equipment set on the Oriental Pearl TV Tower can achieve full coverage in the outer ring area of Shanghai, laying a solid foundation for the testing of the 5G NR large-scale broadcast tower.

It is reported that the 5G NR broadcasting equipment is mounted on the exterior of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, with an antenna height of approximately 320 meters. In the next phase of the project, OCN will go all out to carry out the verification of the 700M frequency band multi-scenario test at the test station. Relevant work aims to verify the technical feasibility of NR broadcasting technical solutions in various scenarios in a large tower environment. Meanwhile, scenario tests such as live streaming channels will be conducted through the 5G NR broadcasting APP of CIBN and the "BesTV+" APP of the Oriental Pearl Tower.

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