China Unicom Director Li Fushen Resigned

Updated:2021/6/17 15:24

Recently, China Unicom announced that its Board of Directors had received the written resignation of Director, Li Fushen. Due to job transfer, Li Fushen resigned from his position as director and audit committee member of the board. This resignation took effect as of June 11, 2021.

According to the announcement, the resignation of Li Fushen will not cause the board of China Unicom to fail to meet the requirement for a minimum quorum, nor affect its normal operation. Li Fushen acknowledged that there wasn’t any dissension between him and the board, nor any matters that shall be informed to shareholders due to his resignation.

Currently, the “Leaders” page on the official website of China Unicom has removed the profile of Li Fushen. After his resignation, China Unicom has 7 senior executives. 

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