China Unicom Completed the First R17 FDD Massive MIMO - based PoC Trial

Updated:2020/10/27 23:30

China Unicom Research Institute recently completed the first PoC field experiment of 5G FDD Massive MIMO large bandwidth prototype equipment based on R17 FDD Massive MIMO technical solution in Shanghai. The results proved that the R17-oriented new technical solution could significantly reduce the design complexity of the 5G FDD system and greatly promote its performance, thus conductive to accelerating the research and development of 5G FDD commercial equipment.

As 5G co-construction and sharing deepened, China Unicom has taken the lead to formulate the 2.1GHz 40/50MHz wide-band 3GPP international standard. China Unicom and China Telecom shared 180MHz bandwidth at 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz. Compared with similar products of 3.5GHz, FDD broadband products boast lower costs. To further optimize design of the technical scheme and reduce design cost, China Unicom and its partners have jointly promoted research of 3GPP R17 FDD MIMO innovative programs, and actively encouraging 3GPP to adopt FDD channel reciprocity and other innovative plans.

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