The First Intelligent MAN of China Unicom Landed: Cisco Being the Exclusive Winning Bidder

Updated:2019/12/18 23:52

According to industry insiders, the much-concerned intelligent Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) project of China Unicom again brought news on its major advances.

China Unicom recently announced successful candidates of the centralized equipment procurement project for the 2019-2021 Qingdao Intelligent MAN. Sino-Bridge (Cisco’s agent) won the bidding exclusively, the bid amount being 39.72 million yuan (tax included).

As the first intelligent MAN project of China Unicom landed, the technical route of China Unicom in this field has become clearer. It’s not surprising that Cisco won this bidding exclusively. As a pusher behind the idea of intelligent MAN, Cisco has been cooperating with China Unicom closely, and has assisted China Unicom Hebei in achieving the official commercial application of China’s first next-gen intelligent MAN.

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