China Unicom Releases Its IoT Terminal SDK Custom-made Action Plan

Updated:2018/9/28 14:39

On September 27 (Beijing Time), China Unicom released its SDK custom-made action plan on Internet of Things (IoT) terminals and announced to cooperate with partners to promote the plan in standard establishment, product R&D, ecological expansions and commercial settlements, in order to improve terminal-to-terminal business guarantee capabilities of the IoT operational layer. China Unicom and mainstream chip and module enterprises jointly publish the White Paper and launch relevant products. Besides, China Unicom and HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. sign a cooperative agreement on IoT terminal operation systems and ecological expansions, which marks China Unicom’s giant steps toward the IoT commercial ecology with efficient commercial services.

China Unicom has started to deploy a uniformly and exclusively IoT management platform since 2015 in order to promote global connection services; the full coverage of NB-IoT businesses has been achieved in 345 local networks; commercial probation of eMTC and 5G pilot projects have been launched.

The overall plan of China Unicom’s SDK bears three major features. First, the “Cloud, Pipe and Terminal” Collaborative Architecture and the overall terminal-to-terminal technological plan provide guarantees for operational-layer businesses. Secondly, open structure designs are fit for two hardware architectures and satisfy applicable deployments in different technological situations. Thirdly, flexible plan deployments and four modules (including OS, protocol stacks, Link and AT) satisfy demands in different business situations.

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