Li Guohua and Wang Lu were Elected as Non-Independent Directors of China Unicom

Updated:2018/9/17 17:17

This shareholders' meeting was convened by China Unicom’s board of directors. Chairman Wang Xiaochu presided over the meeting,3 out of 11 in-office directors,1 out of 3 incumbent supervisors and chief financial officer&board secretary Zhu Kebing attended the meeting.

The bill on adding Mr. Li Guohua to the board of director and the bill on adding Mr. Wang Lu to the board of directors have been passed. Guohua and Wang Lu have been elected as non-independent directors of the sixth board of directors.

In addition, the bill on adjusting the balance of funds raised and the use of interest has also been approved by more than two-thirds of the total number of shares held by shareholders (including shareholder agents) present at the general meeting of shareholders.

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