Second Bidding for Global Transmission and Data Maintenance Project by China Unicom International

Updated:2018/8/13 11:34

According to the official source from China Unicom, China Unicom International Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "China Unicom International") has launched the second bidding for the project of global transmission and data equipment maintenance in 2018.

The notice shows that this bidding is aimed at offering maintenance services for the existing transmission and data equipment containing PoP points in Europe and America of China Unicom International. The maintenance service period starts from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2020.

It is noted that the bidding project is divided into different bidding sections according to the PoP  location of the equipment and the quantity of owned equipment. Bidding section 3: Europe, including London, Frankfurt, Paris and Stockholm. Bidding section 4: Americas, including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Jose and Miami.

China Unicom International requires the bidder to have five qualifications: 1. Systemic technical and personnel support is required to ensure the effective implementation of the project. 2. With  cooperation qualifications on the Cisco Gold level or above. 3. The company has more than 100 technicians who are familiar with Cisco’s data&transmission equipment and Huawei’s transmission equipment, including but not limited to personnel with qualifications in data and transmission certified by Cisco and Huawei. 4. Within the last three years, experience of implementing construction and maintenance projects of national-level network equipment is required (no restrictions on the place of implementation; contract amount being over 2 million RMB). 5. Being able to provide remote and on-site service for one or more equipment in the maintenance area.

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