China Telecom: All the Existing Subscribers Can Apply for Internet Packages

Updated:2017/11/24 16:46

C114 has learned from China Telecom that from November 22, all the new and existing subscribers of China Telecom can apply for Internet SIM card packages.

At present, new subscribers are only supported by Apps of relevant cooperation partners, while existing subscribers can change their packages through local business halls and customer service hotline 10000.

There are up to 19 Internet packages in China Telecom, the tariffs vary from 5 yuan to 19 yuan per month and includes free directional data traffic in the applied province, which provide enough options for the customers.

Previously, when MIIT said in a response on applying for the Internet packages that were not open for the existing subscribers, "the three basic telecom enterprises should pay attention to the reports that certain packages are unavailable to existing subscribers, and strictly follow the requirements of Notice on Ensuring Options of Mobile Phone Tariffs (MIIT [2006] No. 630) and others, they should not launch packages that exclude the existing subscribers, at the same time, they should properly solve the relevant complains and safeguard the subscribers’ interest.

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