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Newly registered 5G mobile phones need to support 5G messages

Updated:2023/7/26 15:08

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently issued a notice titled "Notice on Strengthening End-Edge Collaboration to Facilitate the Scale Development of 5G Messages." The notice emphasizes the importance of promoting the innovative development and widespread application of 5G messages, enriching 5G application scenarios and service offerings, and promoting high-quality development of the digital economy.

On one hand, it aims to promote support for incremental terminals. Starting from the date of this notice's release, there will be a six-month transition period during which mobile device manufacturers are required to complete the system design and functional upgrades of 5G mobile phones planned for market launch in accordance with the relevant industry standards and network access testing specifications for 5G messages. After the transition period ends, newly applied 5G mobile phones for network access permits must support 5G messages and be accompanied by relevant network access testing reports.

On the other hand, it aims to guide the upgrade of existing terminals. For 5G mobile phone models that have already applied for network access before the end of the transition period, mobile device manufacturers are encouraged to enable 5G message functionality support through product system upgrades and other means, provided they meet the necessary conditions.

The notice also states that mobile device manufacturers should set a switch for 5G message functionality, regulate the interface display of 5G messages, and clearly distinguish 5G messages from other types of messages such as regular short (text) messages. They are not allowed to alter the display content and format of 5G messages without authorization or confuse the information source and transmission channels. Furthermore, it emphasizes the need to strengthen permission management for mobile applications that invoke 5G messages to prevent risks such as telecommunications network fraud caused by unauthorized use.

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