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Four Departments of Shenzhen Release Integrated Circuit Industry Plan

Updated:2022/6/8 14:08

Recently, Shenzhen Action Plan for Cultivating and Developing Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Industry Clusters (2022-2025) released by Shenzhen proposed that by 2025, Shenzhen will build influential semiconductor and integrated circuit industry clusters with industry revenue exceeding 250 billion yuan, establish more than three design companies with over 10 billion yuan in revenue and a batch of design companies with over 1 billion yuan in revenue, and introduce and cultivate three manufacturing companies whose revenue exceeds 2 billion yuan.

Besides, large-scale production lines will be built, and a full set of upstream and downstream links, including equipment, materials, advanced packaging and testing, will be prepared, to develop a complete wide bandgap semiconductor industry chain from the substrate, epitaxy to chip manufacturing and device application. By 2025, the industry chain will be further localized, and the abilities of the local industry chain to support and collaborate will be boosted markedly.

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