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3000 5G Base Stations to Be Established in Tibet This Year

Updated:2022/5/11 14:12

This year Tibet will continue to enhance the supply capacity of information and communication services, implement Opinions of the People’s Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region on Promoting 5G Networking Development, and establish 3,000 new 5G base stations by the end of the year.

At the same time, a more convenient low-frequency 5G networking layout will be carried forward in Tibet. The government has been proactive in well-thought-out plans for 1,000M fiber-optic networks, increasing 100M broadband subscribers to over 95%, achieving coverage of 40,000 1,000M fiber optic networking households and extending 1,000M broadband connectivity to 15,000 homes.

5G technology and the Industrial Internet empower us to see an upgrading of Tibet. The government will accelerate the integration and application of 5G in vertical industries, such as mining, education and medical care, cultivate 15 5G application demonstrations, promote the solid implementation of 5G + Remote Truck Dispatching of Yuilung Copper Deposit, 5G + Intelligent Mine of Huatailong, 5G + Unmanned Mine Trucks of Julong Copper Deposit, 5G + Intelligent Campus of 21 benchmarking schools of Educational Technology Center, and 5G + Intelligent Medical of the People's Hospital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, organize and carry out the second 5G + Industrial Internet on-site meeting to effectively dock the supply and demand of 5G+ industry applications and push forward the digital transformation of industries to a new level.

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