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MIIT to Push Forward Real Name Registration for IoV Cards

Updated:2022/3/9 11:13

Lately, the Bureau of Cybersecurity Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) convened a video teleconference on real-name registration for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) cards, MIIT Bulletin announced earlier. Expounding on requirements for real-name registration management of IoV cards, the conference was intended to offer instructions on motor vehicle makers and telecom carriers regarding standardization of real-name registration for IoV cards.

As stipulated in the conference, all units and enterprises concerned shall become fully aware of the fundamentality and significance of real-name registration of IoV cards, strengthen the sense of rule of law and that of responsibility, and perfect management systems and technical capabilities while standardizing real-name registration of new users and well-organizing registration of existing users through collaboration; following an elaborate and feasible program, they shall advise users of re-registration requirements by phone, SMS or Internet and ease user re-registration by online re-registration, non-local re-registration, etc. while cementing such service guarantees as policy publicity and explanation and user complaint handling. Competent departments of industry and information technology at all levels and provincial communications administrations shall see to it that real-name registration of IoV cards is put into real action, in a bid to secure sustainable and sound development of the industry.

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