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MFA and MOFCOM Responds to the U.S. Ban on 8 Chinese Apps

Updated:2021/1/7 18:00

On January 5, Eastern Time, President Trump signed an executive order requiring the U.S. to prohibit Americans from trading with the developers or holders of 8 Chinese apps, including Alipay, Tencent QQ, WeChat Pay and WPS office software.

In response, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MFA) stated that this is another example of the U.S.'s hegemonic act. The U.S. broadens the concept of state security, abuses national power and unreasonably suppress foreign companies, which harms others and itself. Relevant measures will surely have some impact on related Chinese companies. More importantly, these measures will harm the interests of American consumers and the United States. The U.S. approach gives the world a vivid lesson on how the U.S. is talking about a free-market economy and fair competition, and what it actually does.

The United States has always been the largest "Matrix" on the planet. Using its powerful technology, the U.S. monitors its own people and people worldwide from all aspects and steals all kinds of data. Its allies are no exception.

The Chinese Department of commercial affairs(MOFCOM) also stated that this behavior violates the principle of fair competition, violates international economic and trade rules, disrupts market order, harms Chinese companies' legitimate rights, and harms consumers' interests, including U.S. citizens. The behavior will weaken global investors' confidence in the U.S. business environment. We will resolutely support enterprises in safeguarding their rights in accordance with the law and reserve the right to take necessary measures.

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