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Number Portability Data: Most Out of Mobile, Almost Half to Telecom

Updated:2019/12/1 22:56

According to a MIIT official, till November 26th, the number of opt-out users from China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom accounted for 16.3%, 57.6% and 26.1% respectively of the total users switching from their original operators while the ratio of transfer-in for them was 49.3%, 28.1% and 22.6%, respectively. It can be seen that the number of users transferring from China Mobile took up a half of the total opt-out users while most transfer-in users chose China Telecom.

In the test run period of mobile number portability, there were issues such as artificial setting of system barriers and adding opt-in and opt-out conditions in violation of rules by several telecommunications enterprises. Also, some users complained about overlong agreement time and excessive paying standards for early termination.

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