CIG: MCU and Other Related Chips Replaced with Domestic Ones

Updated:2022/10/20 16:24

In a recent targeted survey, Cambridge Industries Group (CIG) said that growth in the reporting period was mainly in high-speed optical modules, wireless home routers, 5G small base stations and telecom broadband services, which were mainly from overseas markets. Overall, device manufacturers had stable demand for optical modules. Despite its large volume, data communications showed great fluctuations. As the company was mainly oriented to device manufacturers and data communications was a small part of its business, there were only small fluctuations.

In terms of product development, CIG invested more than 10% in technical R&D. The Japan team focused on the R&D of high-end 400G, 800G and silicon optical products. The Shanghai team has seen rapid growth recently and has taken charge of the R&D of many new products, making great progress in 50G, non-airtight 100G and 400G.

Regarding chip shortage, CIG said it was mainly the lack of secondary chips, such as MCU and other related chips. The company has replaced most of such chips with domestic ones. Given the quick response of domestic chip manufacturers, there will be no shortage in a predictable time. Also, the company will promptly address the previous "mismatches" in material preparation caused by shortages of certain chips.

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